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The Columbia Law List Since 1905

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The Columbia Law List published since 1905 is distributed to all sources of collection claim forwarders including law firms, collection agencies and legal forwarding departments.

The Columbia Law List members are all covered under a one million dollar surety bond issued by the Great American Insurance Company. Most law firm members utilize the bonding to secure additional clients. The Columbia Law List is the most popular and most utilized collection attorney network in the world. The Columbia Law List network website receives over 80,000 page view hits monthly through top placement organically on all top search engines including Google, Yahoo, MSN & AOL. Columbia Law List also maintains hundreds of banners and thousands of Search Engine Optimized top web pages. The Columbia Law List is one of the website directories that CFI law firm members become listed. In addition, many members receive other benefits and services that help their law firm become more effective and save money in operating their legal business.

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The Columbia Law List provides personalized service to help legal forwarders select the most qualified attorneys to handle collection matters throughout the global
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List Of New Benefits

New Membership Benefits for The Columbia Law List Members
Debt Collection Attorney Marketing since 1905
(Yearly Membership Fee Starting at $595)

  • Listing In The Columbia Law List, Collection Attorney Network Since 1905. The Most Utilized Debt Collection Attorney Network Globally. $1050.00 Value!
  • Listing In In The Preferred Debt Collection Attorney Section . $295 Value!
  • Listing In The Retail Collection Attorney Network (RCAN) Creditors Throughout The World Use This Website To Select Premium Consumer Collection Attorneys. $595.00 Value!
  • Listing Within The Internet´s Top Rated Website Listing Attorneys (Millions Of Visitors Seeking To Locate Attorneys)
  • All Listed Members Are Assigned An Individual Client Representative That Will Contact Legal Forwarding Departments On Your Law Firm´s Behalf. Your Representative Is Kelly Robertson A Veteran In Law Firm Marketing And Client Contacts.Unlimited Value!
  • Coverage Under Our 1 Million Dollar Surety Bond (Useful In Engaging New Clients And Maintaining Existing Clients).Unquestionable Value!
  • One Complimentary 200 X 64 Pixel Rotating Banner On (Approximately 30,000 Subscribers ­ High Traffic Website). $2000.00 Value!
  • One Time Complimentary Email Blast To Seize Assets News Subscribers Recommending Use Of Your Firm. $400.00 Value!
  • Complimentary Article Submissions And Press Releases For $150 Value per News Article! $35 Value per Press Release!
  • Complimentary Video Posting On In The Law Firm Member Video Section. $600.00 Value!
  • One Complimentary Enrollment In Www.Fdcpacertification.Com An Online Course Utilized By Hundreds Of Collectors To Learn Compliance And Have More Confidence On The Telephone When Speaking With Debtors. Offer May Be Used By Attorney To Earn CLE Credits In 16 States 4 Hours Credit With 1.5 In Ethics. $147.00 Value!
  • 5 Complimentary Business Credit Reports Through CreditSafe USA a World Leader In Business Credit Services. $250.00 Value!
  • Low Cost Asset Location Which Includes Bank Accounts, Brokerage Accounts & Places Of Employment.One Complimentary Tier Two Bank Account Search For A Consumer Or Commercial Judgment. $79.00 Value!
  • The Columbia Law List website maintains high visibility on all top Search Engines and the Social Media Networks LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. LinkedIn recently recognized The Columbia Law List as being in the top 3% of companies viewed in their Network. We maintain hundreds of banners on multiple websites that generate high volume web traffic and visibility to our members. Millions of web pages are viewed yearly. Please visit our corporate website to review all of our web properties, products and services for the Collection Industry.Priceless Value!

(Yearly Membership Fee Starting at $595)


Other Discounts on Products and Services that Pay for Membership

  • Low Cost Skip Tracing. We offer A La Carte No Contract Skip Tracing through
  • CLL Member Rate Of $69 Per Enrollment In FDCPA Certification Educational Program $78 Savings per Enrollee!
  • Free Uploads To FDCPA Litigant Data Bank Until We Locate A Litigant With Your Debtor Files
  • Low Cost Video Development To Place On Your Website or Email Badge. Our video development company Will Offer A Choice Of Actor Or Actress, 30 Second Script Development, Post Production For Only $399.A $100 Savings!
  • Low Cost Social Media Marketing Account ­ Development And Monthly Maintenance. We Will Set Up Your Law Firm´s LinkedIn Account Complimentary And Offer An Ongoing LinkedIn Marketing Program To Attract New Clients And Enhance Your Law Firm´s Brand.
  • Free White Paper On Social Media Marketing. Great Information to understand the power of social media marketing.

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