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Columbia Financial International,

Columbia Financial International, Inc. publishers of The Columbia Law List, provides a comprehensive membership base of collection attorneys worldwide for collection agencies and legal forwarding departments that need to utilize a legal means with which to collect their account receivables.

The law firms that make up The Columbia Law List membership handle collection matters of all types (commercial & retail accounts). When forwarders are searching for a collection attorney, we always advise them to contact one of our staff members to help select the attorney(s) that best fit your needs. Columbia Law List members work on a contingency basis.

We provide personalized service to help legal forwarders select the right attorneys to handle collection matters whether they are consumer, commercial, subrogation, transportation, bank card, child support or medical collections.

Established in 1905, The Columbia Law List has positioned itself to be the premiere online marketing company for collection attorneys, lawyers and law firms that make up its highly respected and well known Global Collection Attorney Membership Directory. It has been our pleasure to introduce many of our collection attorney members to new and exciting marketing opportunities that we offer to attain even greater internet exposure and recognition for their firms. Columbia Financial International, Inc. provides other services for law firms to become more effective while saving money.

The following is a list of services provided to attorneys who handle collection claims of all kinds. This is also a list of Columbia List member benefits.

I. The Columbia Law List
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The Columbia Law List, published since 1905, is distributed to all sources of collection claims including law firms, collection agencies and legal forwarding departments. The Columbia Law List members are all covered under a one-million-dollar bond. Most members utilize the bonding to secure additional clients. The Columbia List is most popular and most utilized collection attorney network in the world. The Columbia List network website receives over 80,000 page view hits monthly through top placement organically on all top search engines including Google, Yahoo, MSN & AOL. Columbia Law List also maintains hundreds of banners and thousands of SEO top web pages with top web sites within the collection industry. The Columbia Law List owns and operates the following websites which cross sells it services and is included with membership. The sites have combined over 2 million page views monthly.

II. &
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Seize Assets is committed to empowering debt buyers, collection attorneys, collection agencies and financial institutions with the ultimate creditors rights vehicles Bank Account Garnishment; Brokerage Account Garnishment; and Employment/Wage Garnishment. We enable our clientele to maximize asset recovery for non-performing debt and distressed portfolios with cost effective, cutting-edge solutions.

We offer: The lowest prices available; No Find / No Fee; Bank Accounts matched to the Federal Reserve; Proprietary Methods & Techniques; Highest Hit Rate in the Industry; Highly effective Private Investigators. Seize provides special low pricing for large volume uploads for Bank and POE searches.

A newsletter and website dedicated to supplying important information to Law Offices, Creditors, Mortgage Companies and Collection Industry Providers who have obtained or own Court Ordered Judgments.

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Training for Collectors &
Continuing Legal Education Hours for Attorneys

Tens of millions of dollars are spent annually on FDCPA defense and settlements. We can help you regain control over your most expensive liability your collectors. The course has 11 modules, covering sections 802, 803, 804, 805, 806, 807, 808, 809, 810-811-812, 813 and 814-815-816. Each module contains the text of that section of FDCPA; a 3-5 minute video discussing the section; written material recapping the section (Layman's Recap) and giving further analysis of the important takeaways (Industry Skinny); a short quiz which must be passed to move on to the next section. After the final section, the student will get the final exam.

FDCPA Certification is approved in many states for 4 hours of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) 1.5 hours are for Ethics. Please see our website for additional information regarding our CLE program.

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The leading daily news for the collection industry (over one million hits monthly). All Columbia Law List attorney members receive priority placement of articles, press release and video news submitted.

All articles and stories get picked up and placed throughout the search engines. This is a tremendous additional benefit that will gain awareness Columbia list members.

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Thousands of attorneys from around the world are attempting to capture more web viewers with enhanced web design techniques, richer site content and flashier graphics utilizing more sophisticated software applications.

It's all well and good to spruce up your website but what if you could have a real person walking across your homepage selling your legal services to your website viewers? We are not referring to an animated character but a real person, a real virtual spokesperson!

VII. (RCAN) Retail Collection Attorney Network
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RCAN is an exciting network which markets retail collection attorneys across the United States and around the world, powered by Get new business & great exposure for your firm.

Why join Retail Collection Attorney Network (RCAN)?

  • Over 1 million collection industry news views see banners and information about (RCAN) monthly
  • The RCAN Legal Network sends out weekly specific emails promoting usage of its attorneys
  • RCAN site is viewed monthly by over 20,000 people searching for retail collection attorneys and vendors
  • RCAN members receive a search engine optimized premium listing in their city and state
  • RCAN members receive discounted vendor products and services
  • The RCAN Network promotes its membership through top sponsored listings in The Columbia Law List, plus hundreds of other banners on top collection industry websites.

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Agency collectors is the oldest and most popular collection agency web based directory (over 30,000 page view hits monthly) The Columbia Law List attorney members receive complimentary membership with the premier preferred collection attorney section.

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With over 150,000 page view hits monthly, Attorneys Online offers exposure to law firms within 72 areas of practice. A very large audience visit Attorneys Online to find our listed members.

X. (LLB)

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(LLB) Legal Leads Broker offers attorneys lead generation websites for a specific area of law to provide incoming client inquiries. Leads are guaranteed and received through a monthly subscription fee. The leads are generated from top positions on Google and Yahoo.


List of Columbia Financial Products and Services Websites - Most Popular Collection News Website and Daily Newsletter (over 1 million monthly hits) - 108 year old Collection Attorney Network (distributed worldwide) & - Verified Asset Location (Banks, Brokerage, POE, SSN and FEIN) - A newsletter and website dedicated to supplying important information to Collection Industry Providers who have obtained or own Court Ordered Judgments. - A comprehensive FDCPA training course for Collectors and Continuing Legal Education Hours for Attorneys. - Lists attorneys in 79 areas of practice - Collection Attorney Network - Collection Agency Network - Retail collection attorney network (RCAN) Internet lead seller for all legal practice areas - Verified Asset Search Company (Banks, Property and POE's) - CLN specializes in collecting receivables that have been "charged-off" by either the credit originator or another debt servicing organization that purchased or serviced the receivable for the credit originator. - Attorney Products offers office products at the lowest prices through an online portal in partnership with


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