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Columbia Financial International, Inc. provides a plethora of products and services specifically designed for the Collection and Legal Industries.Our mission is to be a one stop shop to aid in the operational functionality and overall success of law firms, collection agencies and industry vendors. As a leader in the Collection and Legal Industries since 1905, CFI not only publishes the Columbia Law List Directory but has established itself as one of the leading marketing firms for such industries.In addition, CFI has joined forces with other industry vendors in order to create a much needed synergy in unrivaled benefits to members of both the collection and legal arenas. Our other websites are,

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To truly understand the benefits of establishing a relationship with Columbia Financial International, Inc. is to fully realize the many products and services that CFI employs to help create successful law firms, agencies or vendor enterprises. CFI stands ready to serve your company by helping you find the elusive pathway to success.


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Testimonials for The Columbia Law List, Top Ten Marketing & Columbia Financial Asset Locators

  • Columbia Law List

    “I have been a loyal collection agency forwarder to Columbia Law List for over 20 years.  We send thousands of legal files to the law firms listed and have had great success.”

    Andrew Catlin, President - Account Management Systems -

  • "I do want to personally thank you for 20 great years of being on your list.  May the next 20 years be as good (or better) than the last 20 years.  Thank you for your help in building my practice from the ground up.  I started in September of 1989 and I couldn’t have done it without your Law List."

    Louis Jacobs, Esq.  Los Angeles , CA  

  • "Thank you so much for recommending our firm to Benuck & Rainey, Inc. We look forward to hearing from them soon.
    P.S. You have an amazing team at the Columbia Law List, we are very pleased."

    Leon Cameron, Law Offices of Frank N. Peluso, P.C., Stamford, CT

  • Top Ten Marketing

    "The Commercial Collection Agency Association of the Commercial Law League of America (CCAA), wants to let you know how pleased it is with Top Ten's "optimization" efforts on the CCAA website The CCAA website has been one of the leading debt collection websites on the Internet. Your company's efforts have contributed to a substantial increase in the number of visitors to the website over previous high levels and with the website maintaining its high visibility on internet search engines".

    Emil Hartleb - Executive Director of the Commercial Collection Agency Association 

  •  "Top Ten Marketing did my website and it is optimized very well. What’s important are calls. I get those from the site. In fact, I am having them do another one in my other practice area now. Eric Bragg is the webmaster and he has done this many times. Web optimization seems to be a dynamic process with things changing all the time so plan on monitoring services to keep you highly placed as all the competitors will be trying to get ahead of you".

    Martin Greenbaum, Esq. - Managing Partner - Greenbaum Law Group, LLP

  • Columbia Financial Asset Locators – Find Bank Accounts

    "Thank you for your email. I will be preparing a second batch to send out by the end of this week, as we were pleased with the results from the first batch. Thank you for all your help".

    Law Offices of Gary A. Bemis, Riverside , CA

  • "Columbia Asset Locators has proven to become the best asset location company that we have ever used.  Our account representative is always available and we get the most accurate data.  I highly recommend this credible organization".   

    Debt Buyer, Atlanta , GA